9 September 2017

Will you live?

How long can you go before you feel hungry? Famished? Starving? How long before you starve to death? Doctors say it's something between 45-60 days.

We need bread to live
The basic food we need to stay alive is called 'bread'. It's our staple diet. It's different in different countries, maybe pasta in Italy, yam in Nigeria, rice in Asia, and MacDonalds for young people all around the world!

In the Bible, Jesus talks about a special sort of bread. He starts by looking back to the time when God's people Israel were wandering in the desert for 40 years. There was no food in the desert, but God gave them bread from heaven to keep them alive. This was called 'manna', which means "what's THAT?!", because they'd never seen anything like it before. It wasn't something you could grow on a farm or make in the kitchen. It was something God gave them from heaven every day for forty years to keep them alive.

But not only was God keeping them alive. He was also teaching them a lesson - that what we need to live comes from God and we have him to thank for our daily bread. And what became obvious for them in the desert is also true for us, if only we give it a moment's thought. God made planet earth. He made seed bearing plants. He controls the weather and every living thing. He made us to be farmers, and he gave us the know how to make bread from seeds etc. When it comes down to it, we have God to thank for every meal we eat.

18 July 2017

It's summer - be on your guard!

This isn't a public health notice to wear sun block or to make sure your windows are locked if you get away for a break.

This is a spiritual health notice. Because every year, churches and individual Christians tend to drop their guard over the summer holiday period. We don't meet together as regularly as usual, and our routines and patterns of Bible reading and prayer tend to go up the spout. This is really dangerous, because both Satan and those opposed to Jesus Christ and his gospel are always looking for an opportunity to lead Christians astray.

9 July 2017

St George's members graduate from the Training Ground

Seven members of the St George's church family graduated from the Training Ground at a special ceremony held on Saturday 8 July.

The Training Ground is a two-year course run by a group of evangelical churches in East London to help Christians grasp God’s word and share it more clearly.

For more information about the course starting in September, download the Training Ground leaflet.

6 June 2017

Cannabis is good!

When God finished creating the world, we're told 'he saw all that he had made, and it was very good.' Genesis 1:31. A little earlier, when he had made vegetation, seed-bearing plants, trees, fruit trees etc it says, 'God saw that it was good.' Genesis 1:11-12. This would include the cannabis plant. Cannabis was not a product of 'the fall'.

13 May 2017

Amusing ourselves to death

There's nothing wrong with amusement. We all like a good laugh! But the latest stats are worrying.