4 March 2018

World gone mad

Dan Smith, lead singer/songwriter of Indie band Bastille, wrote a song in 2017 'World Gone Mad'. He felt, like so many today, that civil society is unravelling before our eyes, and becoming one scary place. The reality is that chaos and confusion are very frightening. Take something as simple as traffic lights. If a group of people insisted on their rights that red, orange and green can mean whatever they want them to mean, then approaching a busy crossroads would be really hairy, really unpredictable and unsafe.

Law and order
I was listening to a brilliant mathematician this week called Professor John Lennox. He's a top scientist. And he was explaining the meaning of creation in Genesis Chapter 1 in the Bible. One thing that really struck me was how God created order (cosmos) out of chaos. Having 'laws' and 'order' sounds really boring and restrictive. But the universe would be utterly terrifying if God hadn't built in and fixed certain physical laws. Imagine if gravity was unpredictable? Each time you jumped, you wouldn't know if you'd come back to earth or fly out into space! God's laws and order are not boring. They make our lives safe and secure. In fact, like gravity, the 'law' sets us free to run around and jump knowing what will happen when we do.

14 February 2018

Bleak outlook

The economic forecast going into 2018 is not good. The future is looking bleak. Economic growth has slowed down. Despite the prolonged pain, austerity has failed to dig us out of crippling debt. Jobs are uncertain. The cost of housing (rent or purchase) is way beyond the average Joe and Jane. And who knows what the effect of Brexit will be?

Money, money, money
The temptation is to work harder, to do anything we can to make a bit more money, and try to save or invest as much as we can to have some security in the future. Maybe, as a last desperate resort, we might play the Lotto and put our hopes in the hands of Lady Luck.

What's clear is that our sense of security is almost entirely based on money.

The trouble with money is that it can be like a drug. It makes you feel better off and more secure than you are. When we have money we feel like everything's OK, and that the more we have, and the more we can store away in savings, pensions, house ownership etc, then the better off we'll be.

2 December 2017

Join us this Christmas

10.30am Christmas Carols and Readings
Traditional carols and Bible readings looking forward to the coming of Christ.

6.00pm Candlelit Family Carols
Traditional carols, Christmas message and performances from our children's clubs.

10.00am Christmas Day
Sing traditional carols and hear a message from the Bible.

11.00pm New Year’s Eve Celebration
Join with others from around the Borough for music, a timely message from the Bible, songs, and refreshments.

We're celebrating his birth, not his birthday

What have Isaac Newton, Humphrey Bogart, Annie Lennox, Dido and my Mum got in common?

They were all born on 25th December.

Because it's Christmas, you'd think we could have said, ‘they all share a birthday with Jesus'! But they don't, because Jesus wasn't born on 25th December. No one knows the exact day Jesus was born. Best guesses put it sometime in April or May.

6 November 2017

Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater!

31st October saw the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. In the run up to it, the BBC put on a drama called Gunpowder. Rather than remind us of what the Reformation was about, they decided to recreate gut-wrenching scenes of Roman Catholic sympathisers being tortured by Protestants.