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True love

When I googled 'true love' I found that modern psychologists and relationship gurus are coming around to the Bible's way of thinking. I thought they'd say it was more of a feeling than a decision. But it seems that old idea is no longer what the experts believe.

So, people talk about falling in love, meaning it's something that just happens to us, a feeling that overwhelms us, over which we have no control. But the truth is....we do have control, if we want. As someone has said, 'the best way to think of love is a verb'. Feelings of love come and go. But we can control what we do with them when we have feelings of love; and we can control what we do when we don't have feelings of love.

True love is all about choices.

A new sports facility for Alibon Ward

In November 2016, leader of the Council, Darren Rodwell, opened our Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA), a new sports facility for residents and community groups in Alibon Ward.

Read the article in the Barking and Dagenham Post.

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